It's a wrap!!

The northern New York show season has come to an end!  The brisk mornings are upon us, leaving me (yes already) nostalgic for summer.  So it is time to start planning our breeding’s for 2014 as well as goals for the riding horses. 


Elita ENF finished up the show season with a successful keuring at Iron Spring Farms.  When this filly was born I knew I wanted to hang onto her at least until she was under saddle.  I wanted to know what it would feel like to ride something I created, I wanted to gather that extra knowledge that only the person on the back of a horse can tell you about the feel, movement, and ride ability of a horse….well it has been more rewarding than I had ever imagined, and given me great insight into what I can improve in my breeding program.

 This mare makes me smile every ride.  There was a great photographer at the keuring.  When I received the email notification that the gallery was up for viewing I frantically rushed to the sight to see what kind of photos she had gotten.  I was blown away, not only by how nice the photos where but also at the number of them that had me a stride my little horse (that looks quite big) mid test with a huge smile on my face. 
Elita is currently offered for sale to a great show home.  I will continue to work her through the winter with a goal of having her schooling all 2nd level movements by next spring (not a lofty goal at all since she does pretty much everything already).  I also plan on introducing her to some jumping this winter to keep things fun!
Inigo ENF
Inigo continues to charm the pants off of me and anyone else that meets him.  He is another one that will stay with us until he is under saddle (just because I really want to ride that fabulous canter). 
Zsa Zsa
After having the last 3 years off we are DEFINITLY going to get Zsa Zsa bred this spring.  I am looking at several stallions that I think will be a nice cross on this mare. 
 After a difficult foaling this year we gave Avelina the year off but will breed her early spring.  Still a tossup with what stallion we will use on this mare. 

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