Summer 2013

On July 6, 2013 Avelina (Oivi x Lancet x Doruto) presented us with a stunning black colt!  Eagles Nest Farm is proud to introduce Inigo ENF (Olivier x Olivi x Lancet)!
IN the early 2000's I was a working student for the Austin's in Williston Vermont.  The same Austin's that bred and stand Olivier (Idocus x Porter).  While there I had the privledge to ride Inigo (Charmeaur x Porter).  It was this horse that made me fall in love with the Dutch warmblood breed.  I knew the second I saw this years colt what his name was going to be (good for me because it usually takes me months to decide on a name).  This colt is the most charming foal I have ever been around.  I am absolutely smitten with him and can't wait to watch him grow!

In other news Elita ENF is absolutely a blast to ride!  She is progressing nicely in her training schooling all first level work! This mare is so brave and confident , with a super work ethic! 

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